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EMAAR International was established in 2000 at Sharjah, U.A.E. It is considered as one of the most progressive and leading manufacturer of UPVC products. It serves the Middle East Market with top quality U-PVC Windows and Doors, Products that correspond to the requirements of the German Standard Institute (DIN). An enviable reputation has been built by its first class quality products and became a well-established industry in the field of fabrication. With a price conscious market, our company is considered to be an entrenched, financially secure and works closely to UPVC profile supplies.

Best materials are being used to fulfill the highest standard of thermal insulation and energy efficiency in gulf countries. We are importing our materials from outside with a warranty of 10 years having the utmost modern production facilities in our factory that is supported by qualified and professional technicians. In addition, it provides an excellent reassurance for best products and services with the most cost efficient price to our clients. Currently, we are working on projects around every part of U.A.E. with the most modern villas and buildings. Through our sales team, we are now expanding our network in every field of construction.

We provide excellent assurance for best products and services for us to achieve the customer’s satisfaction. Products have been made conforming to affordability, security, durability and best quality. We value the trust of our customers from point of sales, finished installation and after sales service.

At EMAAR International, we offer 100% guaranteed Best Quality Products, Affordable Prices and Customer’s satisfaction.



Incorporation :

Emaar international company for UPVC and Aluminium was incorporated in the year 2000 in order the to be the first national company carrying an Emirates identity in the field of manufacturing Windows and Doors Which are manufactured from UPVC international material.

Growth :

Our ambitions have never stopped upon the incorporation opinion,yrt the development and growth have been one of the important objectives we are always endeavoring to achieve since the inception and till fulfillment of our aims after the great success achieved in our market of business and after execution of numerous projects in the level of the State and with such specifications and high quality. Then we have started to expand our business in order to cover the whole and every Emirate within United Arab Emirates and abroad, particularly the neiboring Gulf countries.

Development :

“We are producing for your sake”

This has been our motto during our long journey whereas the increase in demand of our customers has been the main factor and the strong motive that has accelerated our means of development and expansion in order to commence another journey through the stages of our development which has included the whole system of production and has met all the local and regional market requirements.

It is true; our development is for the sake of you as you always deserve the best and this is the main aim which we are always looking for.

Strategic Location of the Company:

In order to remain always near you and in order to reach you in any place your present in, we should have been chosen a suitable location in order to achieve a sort of effective means of communication between both of us in addition to our other entire valuable customer.

However, we have established our new plant in an area of 4500 sft. in the freezone of Sharjah International Airportin Sharjah such administraive system, more production area and with the height level of quality standards in order to always be available for our valuable customers.

To reach us has become an easy job to attained due to the present framework of roads witnessed in all parts within United  Arab Emirates, therefore we have become more nearest to you.

Based on our past experience, we plan for our future:

This past experience was conveyed to us by our fathers in order to make it more briliant then to convey to our children”

In the same manner in which we have received this flag from the ancestor generations in order to survive in a brilliant future, yet we have proved to be in accordance to their expectations, endeavoring with full efforts to maintain this valuable trust for the sake of the whole present and coming generations, to grow and develop our national industries with the hands and mentality of the citizens of our beloved Emirates in order to always be the leaders and a firm source of pride for our national industries.

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