Our Accessories

  • All fittings is made of stainless steel, aluminum or other corrosion-resistant materials compatible with UPVC, it can be Zinc plated steel, Cadmium plated steel, or Nickel and chrome plated in accordance to DIN50961 and 50941.
  • Tilt and turn windows have multiple perimetric locking system and suitable handles.
  • Sliding windows and doors have sliding mechanism with espagnolettes, secure locking system and suitable handles.
  • Frames and sashes have been reinforced within the main chamber as per statistical calculations to add rigidity to the U-PVC profiles and shall be made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5mm-2.0mm.
  • All glazing and weather gaskets is made from EPDM (ethylene Propylene Dyene Monomer) rubber in accordance to DIN 180-1629.
Glazing blocks
  • It has been inserted to ensure that the weight of the glass is correctly supported and does not distort the frame, nor result in the opening of light dropping.
  • A packer (wedges) is also inserted to locking points to aid security.
Riser blocks
  • Plastic wedges have been fixed to the frame to support a side-hung casement window when closed.
PVC blocks
  • It is made of PVC material that connects the transom or mullion to the outer frame in the case of mechanical jobs.
Welded corner joints
  • It has been made of high quality plastic that is inserted into corners of door sashes for added strength in case of large door openings.
Door Thresholds
  • It is made from high quality aluminum profile.
Sealing pieces
  • It is made of PVC material and fixed to the middle of the upper and lower part of the sliding outer frame by screws to seal any gaps between the outer and sash frames.
Insect Screen/Fly Screen
  • A Steel or PVC coated fiber glass core with individual diameter threads of 0.3mm is applicable for sliding and tilt & turn windows.
Anchor bolts
  • 92 x 10 mm zinc dipped galvanized steel has been made to hold the frame securely against the packers
  • 4.0 mm -6.0 mm for single glazing and 18.0 mm-24 mm for double glazing (20mm max for sliding).
  • Special Shutter box and system with double walls. It can be easily mounted or dismounted to enable client to maintain indoors.


Technical Data


  • Unplasticised high impact resistant rigid PVC extruded material corresponding to BS:7413:1991

Outer wall thickness

  • 3mm nominal


  • Single or double fully insulated, noise reduction and thermal protection glazing.

Glazing Methods

  • Twin counter-balanced glazing gaskets conforming to BS 7412:191

Drainage system

  • Face or concealed by means of separate pre-chambers

Weather performance

  • In accordance with BS6375:1991

Colour constancy

  • Corresponding to BS7413:1991


  • Frames can be fitted directly to any new or existing structure by means of fixing brackets or special dowels.


  • Comprehensive range of fittings and hardware including those which are imported from Germany.

Mounting or Fittings

  • Via screw channel or steel reinforce profiles


  • Sections are reinforced with galvanized steel sections linked to PVC-U sections above certain sizes.

Profile joints

  • Welded or mechanically joined

Frame colour

  • White


  • PVC-U frames require only a wipe down with soap and water.
  • Add character and value to your property with the astonishing UPVC windows and doors manufactured by EMAAR International.
  • A 100% excellent assurance of our best products and services will be made possible for you and your valuable projects.
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